May 2019 Town Meeting:
Funding request approved to complete Recreation Master Plan
November 4, 2019:
Board of Selectmen approve contract with Weston & Sampson to complete Recreation Master Plan
November - December 2019:
Site Assessments are completed by Weston & Sampson with assistance from Recreation Staff 
December 17, 2019:
Two (2) Public Input Sessions are held at Hudson Police & D.P.W. Building
December 2019:  
Field Use Data, Key User Group Input and current Maintenance program info collected
December 2019-January 2020:
Working with Recreation Staff, Weston & Sampson utilizes all information gathered to develop site specific concept plans
January 15, 2020:
Park Commission review proposed concept plans, provide feedback and suggest changes to Weston & Sampson
January 31, 2020:
Weston & Sampson present final draft concept plans and report narrative to Park Commission
February 2020:
Weston & Sampson deliver final report and associated concept plans to Town of Hudson, Park Commission - Division of Recreation
February 21, 2020 - Project Summary:
Over the last several months, the Hudson Park Commission – Division of Recreation has been working with Weston & Sampson to develop a Recreation Master Plan.  The completed Recreation Master Plan will be posted on our website in the coming weeks and a hard copy will also be available at the Recreation Office.  

-The Recreation Master Plan will serve as the mechanism to implement improvements/redevelopment of existing facilities and the development of new recreation facilities for the Town of Hudson. 
-It will provide cost estimates for capital improvement projects, address accessibility and safety concerns, and overall improvements to existing facilities.
-It will provide the Park Commission with a comprehensive roadmap for successful and attainable short and long-term facility improvements to meet the needs of the community (current & future).

-Identify ways to improve existing recreation facilities to meet current and future community needs via unbiased assessment of existing programs and facilities.
-Develop and recommend facility scheduling procedures and targeted field maintenance program to improve athletic field sustainability while optimizing playability, safety and usage (current & future)
-Identify up to three (3) viable locations for development of a Dog Park
-Identify up to three (3) viable locations for development of a central Community Playground (non-school)
-Identify up to three (3) viable locations for development of Outdoor Basketball Courts
-Explore and identify ideal locations for a Community Recreation Center/Field House based on currently available parcels 
-Create Concept Plans (min. 2) for an undeveloped parcel (commonly referred to as Albertini  or Meers Property, Wilkins Street containing 16.52 acres), highlighting the advantages/disadvantages of each and how they relate to the overall Recreation Master Plan
-Demonstrate how improvements to some parcels may increase connectivity between Passive Parks, the Assabet River, and existing Open Space (Conservation Land/Trails)
-Determine full cost estimates for any proposed facility improvements and identify potential funding strategies

At the Park Commission meeting held on February 12, 2020 the Park Commission in conjunction with the Recreation Department staff outlined short, mid and long-term implementation approaches associated with this project that will be integrated into our annual budgeting process and used to support future capital improvements.  These decisions were guided by the direct input received via the master planning process, as well as the input gathered as part of the Community Survey and Visioning Session held in 2018. The Park Commission believes the implementation approach outlined below will provide the most impactful and meaningful facility improvements throughout our community.

Below is the preferred Recreation Master Plan implementation approach:

Short-term: Improve overall facility maintenance with emphasis on athletic playing fields, move forward in design and site development of Moulton Field and a Dog Park located at Sauta Fields
Mid-Term: Move forward in design and site development of Wood & Apsley Park, Albertini Property and Cherry Street
Long-Term: Move forward in design and site development of a Lower Sauta Fields and Riverside Park (inclusive of parking lot, tennis courts, playground, Rimkus Clubhouse, baseball field, Morgan Bowl fields and nature trail)
The Park Commission also noted:
- While most of the projects listed above carry high implementation costs, it is important that smaller items are not overlooked especially those that pose potential safety concerns.
-That collaboration between key community stakeholders and existing facility user groups is beneficial and may serve as a means to fund certain project components.
- That the concepts developed and included in Recreation Master Plan are subject to change via the final design process that will need to be undertaken in order to further refine and develop the necessary documents to construct the shown improvements and/or changes at each of the facilities.

Additionally…The 2018 Community Survey and Visioning Session identified various facility specific improvements/additions such as Dog Park, Community/Central Playground, Recreation Center, Outdoor Basketball Courts, More Walking/Hiking Trails, Turf Field and Pool.  As part of our short-term implementation approach, we hope to incorporate the following items into our plans:
-Dog Park (Sauta Fields, Main Street)
-Community Playground/Central Playground (Moulton Field, Marion Street)
-Outdoor Basketball Courts (Sauta Fields, Main Street and/or Moulton Field, Marion Street)

In order to move these initial projects forward the next steps are as follows:
1. Secure funding to develop site specific plans and construction documents
2. Execute site design development process
3. Secure funding for construction
4. Execute construction phase

In closing it is important to note that the implementation approach identified above is subject to change based on available funding and/or as additional opportunities to advance recreation services for the residents of Hudson become available.  If residents are interested in learning more about the Recreation Master Plan or want to get involved in future projects, please contact Hudson Recreation directly.