Youth Tennis

Each summer Hudson Recreation offer various sessions of Youth Tennis Lessons structured around the USTA's Quickstart Tennis format. These group lessons are recreational in nature and our primary goal is to get the participants excited about Tennis! More information, including how to register, can be found using the link below
We also offer more individualized tennis programs for youth, available to those who participate in our group lessons. These individualized and more advanced programs give those who want to compete the necessary knowledge and skills to do so. To learn more about our tennis programs and sign up, please click on the PROGRAMS and search Tennis.
Regardless of an individuals ability, our experienced tennis instructors will work with participants to give them the foundation they need to succeed! Those listed below have demonstrated their skills and successfully rallied a minimum of 50 or 100 times during one of their lessons.  Check out our summer 2017 Rally Club members!  
100 BALL RALLY CLUB - 2018
 Elena Krasteva
Max Larkin - 121 Rallies
 Riley Cheung - 101 Rallies
Vivian Weatherbee - 136 Rallies 
 Grayson Giugliano - 128 rallies
Sammy Smith - 53 Rallies
Declan Coletti - 63 Rallies 
 Slow Motion Backhand / Forehand Compilation from Professionals
USTA Quickstart Tennis
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