Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find information on a particular Program?
You may search for any program by first clicking down on the Programs tab (to the left). All of our programs are categorized into Program Types such as, YOUTH, ADULT, CLINICS, etc...  The default view on the Programs page will display ALL programs.  You may then choose to search for a program by Type, by selecting any one of the options listed in the drop down menu located at the top of the page.  At any time you may also search out programs by typing a keyword into the Filter box (located on the upper right hand corner of the Programs page).  It is recommended that if you use this search option, that you set the Program Type to ALL.    

When does Registration for Summer Programs start?
Registration for Summer Programs begin in late May/early June and continue throughout the Summer.  To find out when registration for each program will begin, please click on the "PROGRAMS" tab, search for the specific program and look for the "Enrollment Begin Date". Note: Once programs are open for registration, a "REGISTER" button will appear on the program info page.

When can I purchase a Season Parking Pass to Centennial Beach?
Season Parking Passes will be available for purchase starting the first Monday in June. Season Parking Passes will ONLY be sold (cash or check only) at the Hudson Recreation Office during normal business hours (Mon-Fri 8:30a-4:00p).  Day Parking Passes are sold (cash only) at the beach upon entrance.  Day Parking Passes may be submitted to the Recreation Office and their value used towards the purchase of a Season Parking Pass (Day Parking Passes MUST be submitted in order to redeem their value towards a Season Parking Pass).

June 3rd to August 18th – open daily from 9:00am to 7:00pm. Lifeguards on duty 10:00am to 6:30pm

Resident Day Parking Pass - $5.00 per day
esident Season Parking Pass - $20.00
Non-Resident Day Parking Pass - $10.00 per day
Non-Resident Season Parking Pass - $40.00

Season passes are only available for purchase with cash or check at the Recreation Office. The Recreation Office is located on the first floor of Town Hall and is open Monday-Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm.

Non-Resident Day passes will not be sold on weekends and holidays.

Groups of 6 or more people require a special permit, through Hudson Recreation

At what age can my child begin Swimming lessons?
Children MUST be 4 years old by AUGUST 31st. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

What swimming lesson level should I sign my child up for?
Please see "Swimming Lesson Placement Guidelines"

How will I know if Swim Lessons are canceled?
All swim lessons take place RAIN or SHINE.  We will only cancel due to extreme inclement weather such as thunder and lightning.  The decision to cancel swim lessons is made on an hourly basis and done so by our Waterfront staff.  We recommend that all participants go to the Beach at the time of their lesson to find out whether or not a class has been canceled.  Because lessons take place on an hourly basis, the Recreation Office (in most cases)will not have up to date information on potential cancellations.

How do I get to Centennial Beach from Main Street, Hudson MA? 
Best approximate address for GPS purposes is 89 Fort Meadow Drive, Hudson MA

Directions to Centennial Beach (From Downtown)
- Follow Main Street (East bound) until you see Mobil Station on your on your right, turn right onto Glendale Rd just before the Mobil Station.
- At the STOP sign turn right onto Forest Avenue.
- Follow past Forest Ave Elementary school (on right) and turn left at light onto Marlboro Street.
- Follow Marlboro Street and take second left onto Fort Meadow Drive (at stone sign).
- Follow road, gate to beach is about ½ a mile up on right hand side. 
The GATE is made up of utility poles. Lifeguards will collect parking fees upon entrance.

Where is the Splash Pad located?
The Splash Pad is located on the corner of South St. and Houghton St. (Across from the Hudson Food Pantry.)

When will the Splash Pad open for the season?
The Splash Pad is scheduled to open sometime during the first 2 weeks of June, usually the day of Hudson Fest (organized by the Assabet Valley Chamber of Commerce).

When will the Splash Pad close for the season?
The Splash Pad typically operates thru Labor Day Weekend

How is the Splash Pad activated?
Place hand on the "BLACK" button located on the "Yellow Railway Crossing" feature. This will activate the spray features for a period of 3 minutes. The Splash Pad system must be re-activated after each 3 minute cycle. NOTE: At times the Recreation Staff may override the system allowing it to run constantly within the normal operating hours.
Please be aware that the Splash Pad is equipped with a chemical monitoring system that will automatically shut-off the Splash Pad if the chemical levels fall outside the standard parameters.  If you find that the Splash Pad is not operational, feel free to contact the Hudson Recreation Office at 978-568-9642.  We will do our best to address any issues in a timely fashion.  NOTE: The Recreation Staff does not have any full-time maintenance staff.  Therefore it may be hours or days before any issues are resolved.

How do I reserve an area for use at Wood Park?
Anyone interested in reserving or using Town Property must complete a "Use of Town Property Form" and submit it to the Recreation Office.  Please click the "FORMS & DOCUMENTS" tab in order to download the application.  Fees may apply.

HHS Tennis Court Light Schedule?
Tennis court lights will be turned on mid to late April to mid to late November each year.  They are set on a timer and will go out at approximately 9:00 pm each night.