Skate Park





This facility is for the enjoyment of all, please keep it clean, abide by the rules,
patiently wait your turn to use elements and be respectful of others.


  • This facility is Use At Your Own Risk;  Know your abilities and stay within your limits and be aware of the difficulties of certain elements;
  • Helmets are strongly recommended as well as knee, elbow pads and wrist guards;
  • Skating outside the park is not allowed;
  • Malicious destruction of public property, to include natural vegetation and/or site amenities in parks and playgrounds is unlawful;
  • The consumption or possession of intoxicating beverages, or narcotics, is prohibited in any park (Town of Hudson By-Law ArticleVi Section 26);
  • All persons are forbidden to use threatening, abusive, insulting or indecent language, or commit any obscene or indecent act or fight in any park.
  • Go-carts, ATV’s, minibikes, snowmobiles and other motorized vehicles are prohibited in all parks;
  • Please no glass bottles allowed; Use trash containers and do not litter.


All other Park, Playgrounds Rules and Regulations applicable will be enforced.

Skateboarding is a hazardous recreation activity.  Use of the skateboard area is at your own risk.

The Town of Hudson is not responsible for any injury, loss and/or damage that result from the use of the park.