Assabet River Rail Trail Rules




1.         No motorized vehicles are allowed except for power driven mobility devices used by individuals with mobility disabilities.

2.         No person shall enter onto private property from the trail.

3.         Trail users shall keep to the right and when stopping, not block the bicycle path.

4.         Individuals or groups have a right to travel in ONE lane. Please do not span across both

            lanes when in a group and exercise courtesy when someone signals to pass.

5.         Faster users must yield to slower users and pass into the oncoming lane only when it is

            safe to do so.

6.         When passing, trail users shall alert others with an audible signal, either by bell, horn, or voice indicating you will be passing on the left.

7.         Trail users shall stop at all intersections and obey all regulatory signs.

8.         Dismount and walk bike across intersections.

9.         *According to all Massachusetts Law: any person twelve years of age or younger operating a bicycle or being carried as a passenger on a bicycle shall wear a helmet that fits the head and be secured to the person’s head by straps. The helmet should meet the standards established by the American National Standards Institute.

10.       *According to Massachusetts Law: the operator shall not transport another person between the ages of one to four years or 40 pounds or less on a bicycle except in a baby seat.

11.       *According to Massachusetts Law: the operator shall not transport any person under the age of one year old on a bicycle.

12.       It is strongly recommended that children over 12 and adults wear a helmet.

13.       Dogs must be restrained by a short leash and waste disposed of in a sanitary manner. The Town of Hudson does have a leash law and pooper scooper laws**.

14.       Carry out any trash that you carry in.

15.       No Graffiti. All persons caught defacing the trail will be punishable to the full extent of the law.


For a full description of laws, rules and regulations please refer to:

*General Law of Massachusetts: refer to Chapter 85: Section 11B Bicycles; operations and equipment; regulations; federal product safety standards, effect; races; violations; penalties.

**Town of Hudson General By-Laws –

Adopted by Park Commissioners – October 18, 2005

Amended by Park Commission – February 28, 2012